Tips and tricks on developing web sites


The next question is whether you want a secure site HTTPS or just plain HTTP. It depends on what are doing. Are you going to run an online shop with e-transactions? Are you going to maintain contact lists with personal information in them? Are you going to request personal information on your site? For anything like that, I recommend getting your provider’s SSL package. I know when I visit any website that asks me for information, and I don’t see that it is a secure site (the little lock icon in the address bar of your browser) I immediately leave and find a more trustworthy site. One interesting thing to note is that the same SSL package can be used across all of your sites. So if you have ten domains, you get 10 HTTPS sites for the same price. That’s a great deal for the price. I am not sure if all providers do this, but I know WHC does.

If you are just posting public information and aren’t asking for user input, HTTP is fine.