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Installing MariaDB (MySQL)

Although we call the M part of WAMP MySQL, it is really MariaDB that we are installing. In this case we want MariaDB version 10.3.28-MariaDB-log-cll-lve, or just version 10.3.28 for Windows. stores releases here. Look for the right one and download it. You can either download the MSI Installer or the zipped package. The MSI installer is the easier way to go, so let’s run that after downloading. You should also have Apache running as a service as noted earlier.

Run the MariaDB MSI file and accept the defaults for everything. Set your root password to something you will remember. This is a Development Server, so it doesn’t have to be crazy. Make sure to check UFT8 as the character set.

Accept the defaults for instance properties. The remaining options are self explanatory.

Your Web Host will use cPanel->phpMyAdmin to modify databases and cPanel->DATABASES->MySQL Database Wizard to create them. You can either use HeidiSQL (new desktop icon) to manage your databases the same way you use MySQL Database Wizard and phpMyAdmin in cPanel. A developer install of phpMyAdmin will let you edit and create databases, so I tend to use that instead.