Tips and tricks on developing web sites

Browser Caching

Browser caching is true evil to any web developer. You can make some really, really bad decisions when you forget to disable the Browser cache! When you open your browser, it caches web pages in order to load them faster the next time you visit. This is suitable for mostly static sites, but when you are developing your own site things are always changing and you don’t want any caching at all. There should be a setting in Browsers to say NEVER, EVER cache anything… but there isn’t. Instead, you have to open your browser (Chrome in this example) and tell it to run in Developer Mode. In your browser Settings menu (hamburger icon/3 dots in upper right corner) -> More Tools -> Developer Tools go to the Network tab and check Disable cache. Every time you start the Browser, you will need to go into this Developer Mode (F12) to disable caching every time a page is loaded.