Tips and tricks on developing web sites

Uploading WordPress Site

You have worked on your site on a development server and have decided that it is time to go live! That is a big accomplishment! Putting the site on your hosting server is actually quite easy. For this example, we going to put on our hosting server. Since this is the only site on the server, it will go in the public_html folder.

First make sure that you edit your wp-config.php file and set WP_DEBUG to false.

define( 'WP_DEBUG', true ); becomes define( 'WP_DEBUG', false );

While in wp_config.php, take not of the MySQL settings section. You will need these to setup the database on your host server.

Compress your development website folder public_html by right clicking on it and using the Sent to -> Compressed (zipped) folder. In this example, you would end up with

Log into you Hosting server and go to cPanel -> Files -> File Manager. In the menu bar there is and Upload opton. Upload your compressed file to the top-level folder of the file manager. Once it is uploaded, right click on the zipped folder and extract to /.

SQL Upload

Log into your development Server (VM) and start XAMPP. Go to the MySQL->Admin to start phpMyAdmin. Click on your database ( and select Export from the menu. Accept the defaults and press the Go button.

Right click on the SQL file it downloads and compress it (

You can now log into the cPanel on your Host Provider. Go to DATABASES ->MySql Databases. Create the database with the name and password you used in your development environment.

Scroll down and find MySQL Users Add New User. Create the same user you had in your development environment.

Finally in Add User To Database add the user to the database with ALL PRIVILEGES.

Exit MySQL Database panel and go to phpMyAdmin in CPanel. Click on your empty database file and then Import from the menu. Choose the zipped SQL file you made and make sure the character set is UTF-8. Press the Go button.

That should be it. Leave CPanel and try logging into your uploaded web site.