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VM File Sharing

Start your Virtual Machine and log in. This is a great time to change the hostname of the VM. Go to Settings, System->About. There is a Rename this PC option there. Pick a name like WEBSERV so it is easily recognizable on your network. You will be asked to reboot and log in again. Click on File Manager and Network. You will get a message about Network Discovery being turned off. Click OK, and you will see a yellow band appear offering for you to turn on network discovery and file sharing. Enable discovery by selecting No, make the network…blah blah. You should now be able to browse your network. If you can’t, double-check in VirtualBox manager that your VM’s Network option Attached to: is Bridged Adapter.

If you aren’t on a network, you can either work solely on the VM or use the Shared Folders option under settings for the VM in VirtualBox Manager.